Career Fluency® Partnerships

Program Overview

The Career Fluency® Partnerships program is our immersive capacity-building program for schools and youth-serving organizations across the country looking to accelerate postsecondary and workforce readiness for their students. Through tailored integration of our Career Fluency® curriculum, OppNet’s Partnerships team designs a unique strategy for each Partner organization to reach their desired goals and amplify student outcomes. To date, OppNet has worked with over 50 organizations and schools as they support thousands of young people across the country in achieving long-term, postsecondary success.

How It Works

We align our Career Fluency® curriculum to each Partner's culture, goals, and student outcomes, and then train their team to deliver curriculum effectively in support of their students. Our process ensures that each organization we work with builds institutional knowledge and capacity to continue driving postsecondary outcomes long after the formal Partnership.

Phase 1

Organizational Discovery

During the initial phase of each Partnership engagement, OppNet's Partnerships team explores the institutional and student needs, assets, and risks unique to the Partner organization. With this information, the Partnerships team develops a relevant scope of work and targeted approach for impact.

Phase 2

Goal Mapping

In this phase, OppNet's Partnerships team uses the insights and information from the Discovery Phase to map out specific postsecondary goals and metrics to home in on desired student outcomes for postsecondary readiness.

Phase 3

Scope and Sequence

Alongside the Partner organization, OppNet's Partnerships team co-creates a sequence of curriculum and support structures that align with desired goals and student outcomes mapped to institutional and student ambitions. The devised curriculum and associated supports are then included in a customized Career Fluency® Toolkit for implementation.
Phase 4

Training and Customization Workshops

OppNet's Partnerships team facilitates comprehensive training for Partner staff on lessons, other pedagogical content, and evaluation tools included in their customized Toolkit to ensure content delivery, instructor language, and facilitation styles are in line with best practices for student learning and engagement.

Phase 5

Implementation Planning & Technical Assistance

As the Partner organization begins implementation of their customized Toolkit, OppNet's Partnerships team provides additional content guidance as needed, and continued technical assistance to ensure seamless integration of Career Fluency® curriculum  into that Partner’s specific program model.

Phase 6

Data and Evaluation

OppNet's Partnerships team, in collaboration with OppNet's Decision Science department, measures and analyzes student competency gains and progress towards student outcomes targeted by that Partner organization. The results and insights provided are used to collectively craft a data-informed approach for continued success.

Our Network of Partners

From large public school systems to tech industry leaders, over 50 organizations have worked with OppNet's Partnerships team to drive their postsecondary and workforce goals forward.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

"In a world where college counselors have so much on their plate and are working to individualize their work with students, lesson delivery and materials are often the last items that college counselors get to. The Career Fluency® curriculum is an incredible tool that allows our team to give students what they need in a classroom setting, as well as during our individualized support."

Mindy Wright

Director of The Persistence Project Boston Prep Charter School

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