Fellows Program

Program Overview

The OppNet Fellows program is an intensive six-year experience for students beginning the summer after 10th grade that cultivates their passions and skills to persist through college and launch the careers of their choice upon graduation.

Anchored in our proprietary Career Fluency® curriculum, which articulates the necessary skills and mindsets for college and career readiness, OppNet’s Fellows program integrates individualized college guidance, robust networking opportunities for professional and personal growth, multi-industry career exposure, experiential learning for college success, and five summers of skill-building paid internships and enrichment programs.

Fellows Journey

Year 1

11th Grade

11th grade Fellows kick off their six years with OppNet through a two-week Summer Institute, where they engage with foundational Career Fluency® skills and concepts, attend industry field trips, and tour colleges. Throughout the year, Fellows explore more campuses through a multi-night regional college tour, attend an eight-month SAT/ACT prep class, and participate in weekly workshops to hone professional skills, networking fundamentals, and more. Running parallel to all of this is dedicated support from our Career Success team to guide Fellows to the first of five paid resume-building summer internships or enrichment experiences to propel their career goals through work-based learning.

Year 2

12th grade Fellows begin their second year with our College Application Boot Camp, where they are introduced to the application process and the support OppNet offers throughout it. The rest of the year integrates individualized college guidance with personalized college essay coaching, OppNet Financial Aid Office Hours, and more. After college applications, Fellows are supported for their approaching college matriculation through OppNet’s Transition Boot Camp and a series of experiential workshops in navigating college life. Fellows also engage in their second paid summer internship or enrichment experience to apply Career Fluency® skills and concepts in real-world contexts.

Year 3

Fellows launch their college journeys with OppNet’s College Success Learning Series, where they deepen key skills around personal wellness, budgeting, study habits, navigating campus resources, and more. Throughout their freshman year, Fellows are provided targeted support through Semester Check-in Calls to track progress on personal, academic, and professional goals, on-campus visits, and peer mentoring. Additionally, Fellows complete their third paid summer internship or enrichment experience to further clarify their professional path.

Year 4

Fellows continue their college journeys by engaging with all the OppNet points of guidance and support from their freshman year in college, as well as continuing to refine their college and career goals through OppNet’s robust offerings for personal and professional discovery, including our C-Suite Speaker Series with industry executives and signature networking events. Fellows round out their career development with several modules and workshops focused on thriving in the workplace, along with their fourth paid summer internship or enrichment experience.

Year 5

Fellows head into their junior year in college with a bevy of support from OppNet through continued Semester Check-in Calls and College Success Learning Modules, enhanced through OppNet’s virtual student portal, where students can access guidance and resources for their college and career goals – securing job referrals, tracking credit requirements, studying abroad, and more. Fellows are also able to activate and build their professional skills through their fifth paid summer internship or enrichment experience.

Year 6

Fellows enter their capstone year with OppNet with a variety of opportunities to help ensure their success post-college graduation, as they launch careers of their choice. In addition to continued check-ins while on campus, Fellows also engage in a series of networking activities to expand their community of support, all of which is accented by intensive career success guidance around job search coaching, salary negotiation, and more. After their OppNet graduation marking the end of their college studies, Fellows are welcomed into OppNet’s alumni network, where they are able to volunteer and mentor current OppNet Fellows.

What OppNet Fellows and Alumni Are Saying

“OppNet showed me the world of liberal arts colleges I hadn’t even known existed. We visited six different colleges in three days. OppNet showed us we are competitive for spots at these schools and finances don’t have to be a deciding factor. I was accepted to Lafayette, Brandeis, Union and Hamilton.” Ashley St. John, OppNet Alum Lafayette College

Ashley St. John

OppNet and Lafayette College Alum | PhD Student at Boston University

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